nourhan“I have changed and improved a lot since I enrolled in the Hope Flowers School. I am so happy with the students and now I have so many friends”.

This is the story of Nourhan Hassan Masalmeh; she is a 12-year pupil who started at Hope Flowers School just one year ago. Her family lives in the al-Doha village, where Nourhan did not get much attention at home, with both of her parents working and 1 sister and 5 brothers to be taken care of.

Nourhan had serious learning disabilities, and this also isolated her from her age group, as she was treated as retarded.

First of all, the staff at Hope Flowers made an assessment of her situation. There were several learning problems together complicating her situation, and so they created a personalized pedagogical and social treatment plan for Nourhan, involving also the use of technology (e.g. specific software programs used to tackle speech difficulties).

Step by step over the next months, Nourhan improved as she was responding positively to the plan that was put together by the school.

“Nourhan depends a lot on learning through computers; our new computer center has highly helped her to learn in a fast way and to better concentrate”, says her teacher Fatin.

After one year at the school, Nourhan is now able to come along very well in reading, writing and learning in general. When she came to Hope Flowers she was very introverted, but now she has started socializing with the other pupils and she has made soms friends.

Moreover, her self-esteem has grown and consequently her personality got stronger – which is a very promising sign toward her future.

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