Who we are

The Friends of Hope Flowers foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem financially, because of their meaningful work and their impact in the lives of pupils. We have extremely low overhead costs: more than 95 percent of donations go directly to the school.

The friends are a circle of people who support the mission of Hope Flowers School & Community Center: peace education, democratisation and community building.

We are inspired by such stories as those from Mohammad, We’am, Amera  and Nourhan, pupils of the school who tell us about how their life was changed – and can change still more – by the difficult and beautiful work that teachers and staff at the school are doing day in and day out for them. And we are inspired by the special expertise that Hope Flowers has built over the years and that is by now being extended to other schools. And don’t forget to watch the video fragments where you can see and hear a few testimonials by pupils from the school!

Hope Flowers has a multi-layered approach and deploys activities at different levels: school, community, Bethlehem/region, and internationally. We, the Friends of Hope Flowers, are in the ‘outer layer’ – but don’t be mistaken about that, the presence of international support has been crucial to Hope Flowers on several occasions, e.g. to help protect the school against the threat of a “demolition order”, or to clear a road block on the access road to the school.

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