Vrienden van Hope Flowers - Friends of Hope Flowers
Vrienden van Hope Flowers - Friends of Hope Flowers1 maand geleden

A new wave of Covid-19 infections has hit the Westbank, with severe effects for Hope Flowers School and its pupils. After a brief episode of relaxation in June, now a second complete lockdown has been ordered, and remote education is again what the school has to fall back to.

For pupils with learning disabilities - e.g. autism, trauma, special needs - this is not an alternative, and they are badly impacted and their education gets a major setback.
Hope Flowers School had requested permission for one-on-one sessions for education, psychosocial counseling and rehabilitation for this group of children and their families, but unfortunately that has been denied by the PA Ministry of Education.

On a positive note, our fundraiser for food and hygiene packages has helped support 25 of the poorest families of pupils in the past months.

Also, until this month, Hope Flowers has been able to pay the salaries of all teachers and staff thanks to the support of the several international Friends organizations.

Unfortunately, funding from the EU for the staff who are working with autistic children has ended a few months ago. Without a renewal of the funding, the school will be forced to let go of the specialized teachers working with these children. It would be a setback for the children, for the staff and their families, and for the realization of Hope Flowers' vision to invest in the lives of all children, also the marginalized!

On top of all that, the threat of annexation that would bring additional hardship and problems is looming large over the whole of the Westbank.

Please consider supporting the school with a donation in these difficult times, to show your solidarity and to make a difference where it matters!
Vrienden van Hope Flowers - Friends of Hope Flowers
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Hope Flowers School has been handing out warm meals to (malnourished) pupils from impoverished families, as part of their Child Protection Programme. Due to the strict lockdown in Bethlehem, this has not been possible since the beginning of March, while the families concerned (mostly from Deheishe refugee camp) have often been even further affected by loss of income.

At the request of director Ibrahim Issa, we focus on those pupils and their families during Ramadan this year, to provide food packages.

For € 55, an proper food package can be assembled, for which Ibrahim has already arranged special prices with some local supermarkets. The school bus drivers - who normally bring the children to school and back home - will get a special permit to deliver the packages to the families that need it the most.

We strive to support with at least 60 food packages. Through a generous donation we could kick off the campaign with 20 boxes already there!

Give your support and help fight malnutrition!
Vrienden van Hope Flowers - Friends of Hope Flowers
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Nu de school dicht is, schakelen de leerkrachten - zoals in veel landen - noodgedwongen over op 'onderwijs op afstand'. Omdat lang niet elk huishouden over een computer of laptop beschikt, maar wel nagenoeg iedereen een mobieltje heeft en Facebook gebruikt, is dat platform nu ingezet voor het "onderwijs op afstand". Leerkrachten plaatsen elke dag de huiswerkopdrachten op FB, soms met een verwijzing naar een Youtube-filmpje. De leerlingen gaan aan de slag, maken de oefeningen, en plaatsen een foto van het ingevulde werk op FB, of een filmpje als het gaat om iets voorlezen of opzeggen. De docenten schrijven dan hun reacties op de foto's waarop het huiswerk wordt getoond! Op die manier zijn de ouders als vanzelf betrokken, omdat zij de foto's van hun kinderen-in-actie maken en op de FB-pagina van de school plaatsen, en dan de reacties van de leerkrachten weer aan hun kinderen moeten laten zien op hun telefoons. Improvisatietalent kent geen grenzen!
Vrienden van Hope Flowers - Friends of Hope Flowers
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MOTHERS SPEAK OUT – Jalilah Salah: “Before I brought my children to the school I was totally devastated, totally dead in terms of my psychological status. I was living in a very harsh situation. My husband has a mental illness and that causes a lot of stress. I am so grateful to the school and especially the counseling department, who I can talk to about my situation and get help always. I make sure to attend all of the meetings that the school calls for. These meetings help me a lot, they help me to feel better, and help my children to feel better too. I feel that the school has the knowledge and the understanding that benefits my children and myself. “
Vrienden van Hope Flowers - Friends of Hope Flowers
Vrienden van Hope Flowers - Friends of Hope Flowers7 maanden geleden
We mikten op 12, maar kunnen nu *16* leerlingen steunen met een heel jaar schoolgeld... Een geweldige start - en we maken van het Schoolfonds een permanente actie!